Welcome to my website!

From my humble beginning as an early childhood teacher, working with children taught me some very important skills – patience and creativity. However it was the journey of becoming a mummy and wanting to capture the precious moments of my children and family, that I began to fall in love with photography. Starting on my small Sony point and shoot camera, with no experience and no training – I taught myself how to see the world differently.

2011 came and it was my friends that saw my talent and encouraged me have faith in my ability. They entrusted me to photograph their weddings. Never would I have imagined that requests would keep coming in to photograph weddings and that I would start making a career out of something that I LOVE to do so much. My trusty old point and shoot was put away, and I discovered a whole new world with Canon camera’s.

Since the birth of my photography business, I have shared in many family portrait and engagement sessions, and joined many couples on the most important day of their lives. My photography business has taken me on journey’s to Australia and Rarotonga, and many parts of New Zealand.  I now specialise in wedding photography, and constantly look for ways to refine my craft and ignite my passion! Thanks for listening to my story and I hope to chat with you soon.